Importers of Apreamare in Spain

Island Yachts Broker is the new importer of Apreamare in Spain, one of the best brands on the market, whose fascinating history dates back to 1849.


The charm of the Mediterranean style Made in Italy.

The Apreamare and Maestro yachts bring to the world timeless lines, a perfect design, able to combine tradition and modernity, as well as a more solvent and faster navigation.

A dream, for those who love the sea and want to enjoy life with passion, without giving up the elegance, comfort and quality that distinguish the Italian shipyard.

Pearl Yachts

Island Yachts Broker is the Pearl Yachts distributor in Menorca.

Pearl’s thoughtful design and world-class craftsmanship is evident from the beautifully streamlined exterior to the stunningly appointed, ingeniously spacious interiors.

Boutique Yacht Builder since 1998.

The Atelier of Yachting.

To produce a limited number of high-quality yachts each year is a brand-defining choice. Pearl Yachts is a premium product, designed by the world’s most renowned yacht and interior designers (Bill Dixon& Kelly Hoppen), meticulously engineered, and crafted by expert hands, obsessed with perfecting every detail.