Superior technology, revolutionary benefits

Torqeedo is a pioneering German Brand at the global forefront of marine motor technology. It’s known for its innovation, convenience and eco-friendliness.

Founded in 2005, Torqeedo has set many standards, ensuring every product meets the criteria of superior technology and revolutionary benefits.

The range includes an outboard for every purpose – from the super-quiet motors fitted to kayaks for peaceful fishing trips, to the Deep Blue model suited to commercial vessels providing operators a better choice for the environment and eco-tourism applications.

And they’re smart, enhancing safety for all boaties.

As part of Torqeedo’s standard equipment, the motor's on-board computer has an inbuilt range monitor so you know how much further you can go with the current battery life.

The additional Torq Trac app overlays range information with a map of your current location to show a visual representation of how far you can travel at a given speed based on current battery power.

The motors are also extremely efficient and use powerful and safe lithium batteries which are completely solar chargeable. The five-tier safety system used by Torqeedo for the lithium batteries includes safe battery chemistry and safe packaging of individual battery cells, which is achieved through a precise and clean production process that incorporates a Battery Management System (BMS) with redundant safety features while meeting the waterproof IP67 standard.

What’s even more enticing is with a ban on twostroke outboard engines imminent, boaties can say goodbye to carrying petrol on board – making it safer and cleaner, and providing the confidence of not running out of fuel.

These innovative and eco-friendly motors enhance safety, are low maintenance and provide long-term savings on fuel costs, motor services and environmental impact.

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